Thanks for the laughs!

If I have come to know anything here at the Sycamore House, it’s that there is seldom a dull moment.  Whether it be cockroaches or finding that strange orange substance in the back of the fridge, you know your day is going to be interesting and full of laughs.  And that’s something beautiful to be full of isn’t it?

In fact just this week, we were coming back from the fabulous Wegman’s after a signing for the prestigious children’s lit author/illustrator Jan Brett.  It was a long wait, let me tell you.  After 3 hours (my housemates waited two hours – that’s love right there), we were eager to get back to our comfy couches for a delightful evening of movies.  Somehow, leaving Wegman’s turned into a race… at least in some people’s minds it was a race.

Sarah and I left in one car, Jess and Brigette left in the other.  Now Sarah and I, being not quite as competitive, decided to take a snapshot of Jan Brett’s Travel Bus to win a free poster if posted on Facebook.  At this point, we thought the other two were far ahead of us.  As Jess would say: False.  They were right behind us the whole time.  So there we were, Sarah and I cruising down Carlisle Pike with absolutely no concept that we were still in a race.

As we approached the intersection to get on route 15, however, the game changed as I turned onto the opposite side of the median.  Stunned silence turned into, “OH MY GOSH WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”  Well somehow, I thought my little Saturn could handle going back over the median.  I mean it handled plenty of Harrisburg curbs in my attempts to parallel park right?  False again.  Now we were stuck.

Thankfully, a very nice man pulled over to help me reverse and direct us to the Right Aid.  It all happened just in the nick of time – we heard sirens in the distance as a tow truck slowly passed by.

When we caught our breath from the rush of excitement, we made a beautiful vow of secrecy to not tell the others of my driving mishap.  “Don’t tell Jess!” I exclaimed in embarrassment.  “Don’t tell Brigette either!  Or GR – not even Priscilla!” Sarah heartily agreed.  No one would know.

Except everyone did know because they were behind us the whole time.  In a flurry of competition and vigor, Brigette had sailed past in her little green car with a, “Haha Suckers!”

When we all got back to the house, Sarah and I tried to play it off – but that didn’t last.  Sitting at the dining room table, the room lit with laughter as we told each other’s stories.  We giggled at my mishap with more giggles of Brigette’s comment.  An ordinary Thursday?  Nothing is ever ordinary in this house.  Thank you to all my dear comrades here at the Sycamore House for keeping it interesting.  Thank you for the adventures thus far and the ones to come – but thank you most of all for your laughter.

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