The Tale of the Peanut Butter Extravaganza

Once upon a time in a faraway land called Harrisburg, there lived 6 Sycamore House members by the names of Katie, Jess, Sarah, Brigette, Priscilla, and GR.   They were a simple family living together, while creating beautiful community and tending to various service opportunities in their beloved city.  On an ordinary almost-spring day, they happened upon an amazing idea!  What if community dinner turned into a peanut butter extravaganza?  Smiles lit upon their faces as the sheer brilliance of the idea turned into reality. 

“But how?” you might ask.  It just so happens that Katie’s sister Lizzie, is a gourmet peanut butter creator and connoisseur.  That’s right.  She makes her own peanut butter in a whole slew of incredible flavors such as:

Dark Chocolate Thin Mint

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

White Chocolate


Irish Cream

English Toffee

White Chocolate Coconut Date


 And many more! 

Finally, Tuesday came.  The fruit was cut.  The bread was sliced.  The peanut butter came. 

And then the door bell rang. 


And again.

And again. 

Success!!!  Their peanut butter extravaganza became a beautiful reality full of deliciousness and heartfelt community. 

People ate together, laughed together, and listened to each other’s stories underneath the warm glow of party lights and bellies full of peanut butter.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end! 🙂

~ Katie

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