Springtime Renewal

Having a sno-cone in one hand and a baked pretzel in the other whilst strolling past a cheering crowd from a Senators’ game can only mean one thing: Spring on City Island! After three months of intense snow and ice storms, Winter had finally offered his farewells and welcomed Spring into Harrisburg. Since her coming, the weather has warmed up, birds have migrated back and joggers have made their way across the other end of the Susquehanna River. Within a matter of weeks, the spirit and energy levels of the riverside community have risen, so much that any trace of a trying winter had vanished.

With Easter here, this image reminds me of how Christ’s love for humanity is found evident in the sacrifice He made on the cross some 2,000 years ago. In the same sense winter brings the cold weather and diminishes any desire to go outside, people from Jesus’ day were doomed to die due to their sinful lifestyles, which deepened the separation between them and the Father. This being the reality prior to Christ’s crucifixion, it’s fascinating to witness the radical switch in everyone’s spirits. Upon rising on the third day, all who believed in the resurrection suddenly became a new creation in Him, one filled with life and hope in the Savior, similarly in the way people’s outlook brightens up in spring. I find this comparison to be rather profound.

Spring is a time of renewal, where blossoms bloom, squirrels emerge and the sun beams its radiant glow. The whole experience is exhilarating, as it provides the ability to uplift even the lowest of spirits. This time of year is certainly something to look forward to, especially since it grants the opportunity to refresh one’s self. Winter no longer weighs down on a person’s morale, as spring soon revives this temperament. It is a phenomenon that occurs every year, without fail. During the hours between Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, everything seemed bleak and helpless. Though once He arose, elation and assurance instantly came into place. When things appeared dark, Light was quick to shine through the shadows. Likewise, when the cold and snow of winter seem like that is all there is, the sun and vibrancy of spring take precedence. The latter will always happen, even when the former feels like an eternity.

Easter being celebrated in the spring is no coincidence. The change in these seasons serves as a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness. God’s love for us is as true today as it was on that day on Calvary. It is never Friday for long, as Sunday surely comes.