Catch up with Katie!

I’m sure many of you are interested in finding out what our job placements entitle and what we do. So I’m sure a question that has been on your mind is what’s been happening at Dickinson College in Community Service?

As many of you know, the Sycamore House has placements all over the Harrisburg area. This year is a little different, we have expanded our placements to Carlisle, PA. Dickinson College is a private, liberal arts school and is the placement of two members of the Sycamore House- Saadia and I. Our office is the Office of Community Service and Religious Life and we work with students on programming and do a variety of things throughout the year.

I, Katie, am a recent graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato and I am currently applying to the graduate program Counseling and Student Personnel- College Student Affairs back at MSU. Working at Dickinson has truly shown me what my passions are in life and what I want to do for the rest of my life! I love working at Dickinson, so far this year I have planned a Color Rush 5K fundraiser, Coffee Fundraiser through the organization Grounds for Change, planned a Community Service fair for students with different organizations in the Harrisburg/Carlisle community, helped plan service trips, assisted as administrative assistant, pre-orientation planning and coordinating, and lead one on one conversations and activities with CommServ; a community service group on campus and First Year Experience!

One of my favorite events to plan and execute was the Color Rush 5K that happened on October 5th, 2014. This event was a fundraiser for service trips and we had about 100 participants for this 5K. I made a festive tutu, ordered 120 lbs of powered color that would be thrown on runners as they passed certain milestones in the race and raised about 1,000 dollars! This event was open to the Carlisle community as well as Dickinson community. This event was the first large event that I programmed at Dickinson, it definitely had its rocky spots, but I am very happy with how it ended up!Another moment at Dickinson that is sticking out in my mind is working with pre-orientation students. Orientation happened the first week I got to work at Dickinson. I was a little nervous about it because I didn’t know the campus and I was being an intern with students who are asking just as many questions as myself, but it was definitely a wonderful experience because I was forced to learn about students, life at Dickinson, and how to maneuver through the campus. Pre-Orientation did many different activities like ice breakers, going to a low ropes course, volunteering at Carlisle Arts Learning Center, Project SHARE, Salvation Army, and working on how to be a leader. I have gotten to watch some of the first years grow from first semester to the second, but I also have felt myself grow. I got asked (just this week!) to be a reference for a student from Pre-Orientation that has been volunteering through my office! Pretty special moment for me!


I feel like the second I got to Dickinson, I took off running and I am very thankful for that experience. I have met some amazing students and have made some great connections with them.  I have definitely grown a connection with the service trip leaders and first year experience leaders. Service trip leaders do not have an easy job- they go on 4 different spring break trips, an international trip, LGBTQ trip, and are adding at trip in May. Belize, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, New York, and Arizona and New Mexico are all being hit with Dickinson students in 2015. I will be going on a spring break as an administrator and will be leading one of the trips. I am very excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what the next couple months of planning have in store!

I am enjoying my time in Harrisburg so far, I have done some new, fun, and interesting activities that have been good for me! Pennsylvania is much different from Iowa, so I am still learning the ropes!

Till next time,


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