Work site Week – Partnership Planners

Day 4 of Work site Week is here with none other than the lovely Christa Cohen, talking about her experience working with Partnership Planners. Read more below the cut.

My placement this year with the Sycamore House is with Partnership Planners LLC, a local company focused in volunteer management software and consulting. I work in the education nonprofit sector of the company. I spend my week coordinating our after school MakerSpace program, in which teachers from the school lead their small groups of students to engage in hands-on learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM, for short!). Each project has community coaches who are local experts or hobbyists in the respective field, who can lend valuable topical advice to students and teachers about how to code, how to take care of trout in the classroom, how to film and edit a news broadcast, or even how to map Harrisburg in Minecraft! I work to find volunteers, new projects, sponsors, and resources for our groups. It’s an exciting job, and every day is a new experience!

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