Work site Week – Joshua Group

Nearing the end of Work site Week with Kaitie Giza talking about her work with Joshua Group. Read about her experience under the cut.

These past few months have emphasized to me the importance and impact of meaningful relationships, both in my work with the children at Joshua Group and in my home life. I have learned a great deal in this short time. I am daily astounded by the vibrancy, intelligence, and depth of the children with whom I work. They are constantly learning and growing and our frequent conversations reveal how much they already understand about their environment. Many of these children have experienced great trauma, whether that is due to their family or even the instability of the neighborhood in which they live. Their resilience is awe-inspiring. The relationships I have built with these kids have reinforced my belief that children have great strength and potential. I’m grateful to watch them grow and learn and to take ownership of their lives. Education is a vital resource and I’m so thankful to work beside so many people doing all they can to empower the children on Allison Hill to benefit from it.

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