Work site Week – St. Stephen’s

Rounding off Work site Week is our very own Claire Sonneborn talking about her experience with St. Stephen’s! Read more under the cut.

You might think that spending most o the week working and living within the one block of the St. Stephen’s campus could get boring for a girl, but the jobs that I do in the office and at the school help keep life interesting. Working with Alexis in the office makes me feel like a productive and efficient employee. I could probably wallpaper my room with the multitude of flyers I have created so far this year if my walls were not already covered in the crayon masterpieces of St. Stephen’s School students. Balancing two work sites keeps me on my toes. I alternate between feeling young and feeling like a mature adult probably about three times as often as I switch jobs in a day. I just never know when I will need to switch gears from adding a parishioner to the prayer list to acting like a lion because a kindergartner just changed me into one with a dinosaur magic wand to cleaning up a water spill (that either I or a 5-year-old caused). Flexibility, loving with patience and fostering good co-worker relationships are lessons that I learn daily at both St. Stephen’s Cathedral Office and St. Stephen’s School.

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