Hellos and Goodbyes

Since I last posted, the Sycamore House Corps Members arrived in Harrisburg, PA; moved into the Sycamore House; learned, bonded, and served during a week of orientation; greeted the Cathedral family; began work at their site placements; attended a Senators baseball game; and hosted a used book sale during the 100th Kipona Festival along Front Street. The Corps members (and others) also helped Greg and me move to a new apartment on September 2, much closer to the Sycamore House. Needless to say, we’ve been busy, and also a bit exhausted.

Heart-weary too, as we lost a wonderful Sycamore House Board Member, Tom Lehman. I spoke with him a few times when I started in July. Lovely, endearing, and very enthusiastic, he wanted to host this year’s Corps Members at his house for a Corn Roast. His celebration of life service will be this Saturday 9/10/16 at 1pm at St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

My great uncle also passed away in a car accident on August 27th, and when I shared the news with this gracious group of Corps Members, they drove to my house and delivered big tupperware containers filled with chili, muffins, and watermelon with a candle and a homemade card. I was shocked, honored, and so thankful for the support of this newly formed community.

To a certain extent, we are all still getting our bearings. We are working to find footing in a volunteer-active congregation that is not afraid to ask for many things from the group. Corps members are cultivating professionalism and expertise at their site placements and strategizing their budget designed for simple living. Greg and I are unpacking and negotiating our new home space.

The Sycamore House board members are innovating to support the new folks (and Director) while maintaining time-honored traditions. The Cathedral community is persevering with a number of ill and dying members, and there is a weariness and sadness among the staff right now. Please pray for all of us as we navigate this time of transition.

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