We Love Our Partner Organizations! Featuring Capital Area Head Start

This week we are giving Sycamore House Partner Organizations some love! Check out our posts to learn where and how the corps members serve.

Stephany Lazo is working at Capital Area Head Start this year. She says…

My placement is at Capital Area Head Start as an Assistant Teacher who “floats.” I am called a floater because I can be called to any room that might need additional help–an extra set of hands, a substitute for the day, or help setting up a meal.

The school that I am at has 13 classrooms just for Head Start! I had never seen so many preschool classrooms before in my life! What’s incredible about this is that every child receives breakfast and lunch, a jump start to their education, and the love and warmth of the teachers they have. Each set of teachers within this school work hard to provide the best that they can for the students in their class. I love being able to see the love these teachers have for their students, it shows you the passion they hold for their profession. Because of my position, I get to see how every set of teachers works differently. Through that I have been able to learn strategies for classroom management, parent relationships, and just teaching in unique ways.

I have learned that children pour out their love to you when they see you as someone who is caring and loving. Because at the end of the day, love and care is what the position is really about.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CapitalAreaHeadStart/

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