We Love Our Partner Organizations! Featuring Feeding Pennsylvania

This week we are giving Sycamore House Partner Organizations some love! Check out our posts to learn where and how the corps members serve.

Grace Sinopoli is working at Feeding Pennsylvania this year. She says…

A woman sitting at a table, holding a brochure
Grace Sinopoli representing Feeding PA at the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s annual meeting, talking with farmers from across the state about the organization.

Feeding Pennsylvania is a statewide organization of eight food banks (huge, amazing warehouses that distribute millions of pounds of food to agencies such as food pantries) that serve the state. We work to be a collective voice for those food banks and collaborate with them to do statewide programming and share ideas about everything from food sourcing to advocacy.

Personally, I work in an office and do a little bit of everything, but some of my key responsibilities include producing a bi-monthly newsletter (here’s a link to our most recent issue, which was one of my favorite to write), managing social media and correspondence, helping coordinate and participating in a variety of meetings and events, and gathering information about our eight food banks.

Hundreds of apples on conveyor belts
“I visited an apple packing plant with the Feeding Pennsylvania food sourcers and got to see millions of apples (one of my favorite foods!) in one interesting place.”
I’ve learned so much about Pennsylvania (a state I had never been to before August 2016), the charitable food system, and much more. I truly look up to my supervisor Jane, who is the executive director of Feeding PA, and all the incredible food bankers we work with who work so hard to use their skills for the mission of providing nutritious food for everyone in Pennsylvania!

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