We Love Our Partner Organizations! Featuring CONTACT Helpline.

This week we are giving Sycamore House Partner Organizations some love! Check out our posts to learn where and how the corps members serve.

Sarah Raymond is working at CONTACT Helpline this year. She says…

an office phone on a desk
This is the phone that I use to pick up overflow calls that the volunteers can’t get to. It may look just like any office phone, but it is so important to what I do and what CONTACT stands for: connection.

My role at CONTACT Helpline is the volunteer and outreach coordinator. This means that I help recruit volunteers and spread word about the organization at events at schools, libraries, and volunteer fairs.

I also commit to at least two hours a week on the phones, helping callers find basic needs like housing or utility help or simply providing a listening ear to those who are lonely or struggling.
My favorite thing about my job is being privy to sides of people that they may not necessarily show to anyone else and helping them find what they need, even if it’s for a little thing. I look up to all the volunteers. They all have their own lives, often their own jobs, and they still come in to listen to other people’s issues. I can’t pick one volunteer that I look up to the most because they are amazingly kind. I have learned so much from them.

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