We Love Our Partner Organizations! Featuring the Center for Public Humanities

This week we are giving Sycamore House Partner Organizations some love! Check out our posts to learn where and how the corps members serve.

Jonathan Barry Wolf is working at the Center for Public Humanities this year. He says…

10 young adults in a row in a sunlit room
This year’s fellows and Jonathan Barry Wolf.

The Messiah College Center for Public Humanities Student Fellows Program encourages students and community partners to collaborate on projects that stimulate open dialogue and civic engagement. Some of our projects include poetry workshops for middle school students in collaboration with local schools and poets; oral history projects about Harrisburg’s churches and schools and the stories of the people that have worked in and attended them for years; and a documentary film project about a local Eastern Negro League team, The Harrisburg Giants, which integrated in 1954. Our projects bring people from a variety of different places and perspectives together to celebrate our communal and personal histories, stories, and identities.

Learn more on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mcpubhum/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcpubhum.

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