Introducing Guest Blogger for March: Grace Sinopoli

Hello! My name is Grace Sinopoli and I’m excited to introduce myself as the Sycamore House guest blogger for March. Thank you for sharing in the Sycamore House experience by reading our blog. I look forward to sharing my viewpoint this month, and will now help you get to know me with a few introductory facts:

  • I am from Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.
  • I graduated in 2016 from the University of Dayton–I love everything about UD, it is an extraordinary community, from the classrooms to the campus ministry and everything in between. I especially enjoy cheering on the Dayton Flyers and am hoping for a good showing during March Madness!
  • I’ve been Catholic all my life, though my faith did not become important to me until I was in high school. Since then I have been constantly seeking to grow in my relationship with God and while there are always a few bumps in the road, I strive to make faith the center of my life. I’ve really valued learning about different perspectives so far this year being part of ESC!
  • At any given time, there’s a good chance I am thinking about food…I majored in dietetics, am currently serving at Feeding Pennsylvania (more on that here), and hope to continue working to make healthy food more accessible and enjoyable for all! Cooking with and sharing food with others are some of my favorite activities, and I love the way food nourishes us and brings people together.
  • I love to run, and one of my favorite ways of exploring Harrisburg this year has been running along the Capital Area Greenbelt! It is an amazing trail that loops along the river and around the city. Any chance to be outside and active is my happy place, and is also a place where I see God frequently in the beauty of the earth.
  • I have a reputation as a good DJ during long car rides
  • I love writing and receiving snail mail.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll stay tuned for a few of my reflections here on the blog throughout the month!

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