Guest Blogger: Grace Sinopoli

“Look at the smallest blade of grass. Is there anyone else endowed with the power and authority to cause a grain of seed to multiply, as God does? Everything in nature sings the grandeur of God.” -Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon


The seasons of winter and Lent can both be very solemn. Here in Harrisburg, it wasn’t uncommon this winter to go what felt like forever without seeing the sun. But even in those times, the cold and stillness can show us glimmerings of life and newness. Like last week, when winter storm Stella brought down 18 inches of snow here, and everyone in the Sycamore House had a snow day. The area outside our house and along the river was quiet and covered in an untouched layer of white, and we joyfully frolicked through it.


But now in these first few days of spring, signs of renewal are all around us more and more. As the snow melted, (slightly smushed) patches of daffodils brightened up the citydaffodil in the sunshine. The sun is shining and warming us, bringing people out of their homes and into the community. It’s staying lighter out later, encouraging evening walks and sunset watching. People start to seem happier and lighter on their feet.The days getting longer make more room for possibility.


The season of spring, and the approaching celebration of Easter, hold so much meaning and remind us that God makes all things new. Even though life always holds challenges, these moments seem to bring light into darkness. Let’s soak up all the rejuvenation we can this spring, and remind ourselves of it in the times that feel cold and dark.



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