Introducing Guest Blogger for April: Will Lee

Meet Corps Member Will Lee!

Recently, in the Sycamore House we wrote “I am From” poems as a way of looking at our own identities and sharing who we are more deeply with each other. Thought I might share mine. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask me questions about it if something piques your curiosity! (By the way, this isn’t nearly everything I come from you’ll have to talk to me to find out more!)


I am from Arlene and Chris, Robin and Barbara, Barbara and Arthur, and dear sweet Franny.

I am from foothills and purple mountains, changing leaves and climbed trees.

From seersucker and gentlemanry, dirty boots and cowboy boots, straw hats and baseball caps.

Hammers, saws, and screwdrivers. WD-40 and elbow grease.

Engineers, animal trainers, bird watchers and social workers,CEOs, investors, builders, and doctors.

I am from U2, Chicago, Foreigner, Meat Loaf, Matchbox 20, Five for Fighting, Train, Styx, Aerosmith, and The Eagles.

From Sunday morning church in the third pew on the right and Sunday afternoon ski trips.

I am from soccer fields, wrestling rings, and cycling routes.

From witty banter and silly graces and punches that say I love you..

I drive windy roads and marvel at mountain views.Apples picked with gusto and then not eaten.

I am from the expressions of animals. A plea to go out, big eyes laid upon a treat, a stolen hat, a nuzzled hand, a whiney, a bark, a meow.

I am from “load ‘em up, move ‘em out” and “finish strong” and actions speaking louder than words.

Please enjoy Will’s posts in the next few weeks!

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