Extended Member Introduction: Savannah

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Hi all,

I’m Savannah and I am from Fairfax, Virginia. I just graduated from University of Mary Washington down in Fredericksburg, Virginia with a degree in English and a minor in Environmental Sustainability.

In looking at my favorite activities, I either love to be very active or very cozy. I love learning about trees and flowers while hiking through nature, but I also love  crocheting while listening to audiobooks or watching Netflix. I love to read while sipping tea with my favorite candle lit, but I also love playing Ultimate Frisbee with my teammates. I love doing yoga at the gym with my mom, but I also love baking while watching John Oliver on Netflix with my fairy lights on. Everything I love to do is all about self care, whether it is taking a moment to appreciate the beauty in nature or learning about current events through comedy (we love modern comedians!), or doing something athletic, its nice to have a variety of feel good activities that make me happy!!

I have noticed that sometimes hearing about a person’s favorite things is a wonderful way to learn about them. It is a simple and easy way to learn quickly some of the things that make them tick. So, here are a list of 11 of my favorite things (I would do 10, but 11 is more fun).

Character: Snoopy
Tea: Lady Grey by Twinings (picking just one was very hard)
Organizational Strategy: To-do lists
Candles: Vanilla Bean or a Fall Scented one (apple, pumpkin, cinnamon)
Season: Fall
Candy Bar: Take 5
Weather: Light drizzle (perfect for dancing in the rain)
Singer: Ingrid Michaelson
Color: Purple
Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken, Rice, and steamed broccoli (simple and yummy)
Book: Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss or Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

This year I am working at Capital Area Head Start as a STEM Teacher. School starts this upcoming Monday, so you could say that I am more than a little excited! I will be helping incorporate more STEM into the kids’ lives, whether it is teaching them about the math and technology or encouraging them to be curious and explore the outside world and why our earth is so important (clearly I’m a bit more interested in the latter haha). I spent this past month training and spending excessive amounts of time with my nose buried in preschool STEM books and Pinterest trying to figure out how to approach my new role. As we get closer and closer to opening day, I am actually more confident and excited than I am nervous. And more than anything else, I am definitely ready to leave that training room! 😉

Another key part about our year of service is that we are supposed to be active with our affiliated church. As you might expect from someone who both loves nature and beautiful things, I signed up for flower guild. While I am not scheduled for a month or so, I am super excited to start and learn the process of flower arranging. On top of this, I spend about two weeks a month working in the nursery during the 10:15 service. It’s a blast to play with the kids and teach them the Old Testament stories that I grew up on while singing my favorite kiddy songs (Peace Like a River is def my favorite).

While it has taken some time to find my groove and place within the city of Harrisburg, as the weeks have progressed I have felt more and more comfortable. I love the framily dynamic that we have at the Sycamore House and I cannot wait to see where and how we grow as the the year passes. A month has flown by and while I can feel a little homesick, technology has allowed me to stay active in my loved one’s lives (my favorite times being when my friends and I take each other on different walking adventures using facetime).

Thank you for listening to my lengthy account. Stay tuned next week for Faith’s post! 🙂

One thought on “Extended Member Introduction: Savannah

  • I actually had Lady Grey for the first time just yesterday — very nice, even to this non-connoisseur of teas. Now I know I’m in good company!

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