Extended Member Introduction: Faith


Hi, everyone!
I’m Faith, and I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee. I graduated in 2018 from Asbury University, where I studied English. I’m very excited to be a part of the Sycamore House.
I am working at the Episcopal Diocese of Central PA as the diocesan events coordinator and assistant to the canon for communications. I develop, oversee, and publicize all events for the diocese. An upcoming event I’m excited about is our Live Nativity on December 13 th at St. Andrews in the Valley. There will be live animals, including a camel! We’re all pretty excited about the camel. I assist with communications by creating, editing, and proofreading social media posts, newsletters, flyers, and other documents. English major skills for the win! I’m really enjoying my work at the diocese and the people I work with. Another great perk of
working for the diocese is hanging out with the cats! The diocese office has two adorable cats, Lilly Grace and Rey. You can follow them on Instagram @episcocat_diocpa to see all of their adventures.

I’m having fun getting involved at St. Stephen’s by singing in the choir. You can catch me every Sunday hitting those soprano notes. I’ll also be singing in the October Music by the River concert on Saturday, October 26th at St. Stephen’s! It’s a 1920’s-themed concert, and it’s going to be a roaring good time, Old Sport. I’ve felt so welcomed by the incredible hospitality of the St. Stephen’s community. I feel like part of the family.

Here are a few of my favorite things (cue Maria in The Sound of Music):
Comedy: Legally Blone. Elle Woods is an inspiration!
Drama: Ordinary People. If you’ve seen and loved this movie, I will be your best friend.
Book: Hard to choose just one, but The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a great one.
TV shows: Parenthood, Call the Midwife, and Breaking Bad. I realize the latter is quite a
contrast from the former two!
Broadway belting songs: “Burn” and “Satisfied” from Hamilton, “ABC Café” and “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, and “Memory” from Cats. Road trips in my car are a one woman show starring me.
Band: Simon and Garfunkel. I mean come on. We got a Queen movie, and I loved it, but where is my Simon and Garfunkel movie??? (The Graduate does not count).

I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the Harrisburg community and seeing how we all learn and grow this year. Thank you so much for reading!

One thought on “Extended Member Introduction: Faith

  • Ordinary People! Mary Tyler Moore! I read the book when it was new, and later on saw the movie, and I was impressed with both. You’ve made me want to do either/both again!
    Why is it your favorite movie? Have you read the book also?

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