Extended Member Introduction: Shelby


Hello all!
My name is Shelby Mancell, and I am from Oklahoma! I took a two day drive to be here in beautiful Pennsylvania. I have been really enjoying my time here in Harrisburg. It has been very different from living back at home in a small town versus here in a big city, but I have come to enjoy the differences. One being there is better public transportation here than at home.

The workplace that I am at for this year is CONTACT Helpline! I am working as a Housing Specialist. This means that the population that I work with is the homeless or near homeless. I am taking phone calls, doing in-takes, and give referrals if I can. It can be difficult at times, but I do enjoy the work that I am doing. The people that I work with are nice, let me ask questions when I am not sure about something, and make me feel like I am part of the team. I am learning a lot of skills that I know I can take with me into my future career.

Besides liking my job and how excited I am to help people, there are other things I enjoy. My favorite shows to watch after a long day at work is Psych or NCIS. Movies are something I like to watch after work as well. I have no one movie that is my favorite, but I can say that I dislike horror movies (nope I will not watch one even if you tried to pay me). I also enjoy reading a good book. I am not too picky with genres I just love a good story, or great ideas. Some of my favorite books from my childhood are Black Beauty and North of Beautiful. Along with a show, movie, or book a have a hot drink. My favorite hot drinks are tea (herbal ones at night, and Earl Grey or Chai in morning), coffee, and hot chocolate.

So there it is! A little look into where I am from, what I am doing here, and some of my favorite things! Nice to meet you!

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