Ian: “A day in my life”

My weekday schedule is split between two placements, Habitat For
Humanity and St Stephen’s Episcopal School. I spend my mornings at
Habitat researching and hunting for grants to apply to our programs,
Home Ownership or Critical Home Repair. It’s a lengthy process that
doesn’t always generate results but I encounter many helpful links and connections along the way, some of which could be good potential resources
or partners for Habitat. Occasionally, I return to these sites to stay
up to date on their relevance but otherwise I have a singular task.
Once, I compiled a record of Habitat donors that listed the highest
amount they ever contributed, the last time they contributed and the
campaign they were supporting.

In the afternoon, I catch a bus downtown and after 20 or so minutes, I
go into St Stephen’s School where I meet my afterschool students in
the Undercroft basement. I usually take the preschool to first grade
children to the library where an older student aide reads to them,
while most of the older children stay in the Undercroft to do their
homework. Snack time follows after that and then a coworker and I
supervise the clean up. The older and younger children split up after
that, to finish their homework and play games, respectively. My task
loosely revolves around letting parents in to collect their children,
keeping an eye out for disciplinary and safety issues and occupying
the younger students. Around 5:10-5:15, the after school staff members
lead any remaining students into the foyer to wait for their parents
and by 5:30, our supervisor dismisses us.

All in the day and the life of Corps Member Ian Tan 🙂

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